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mr. monkeybottoms' wild ride of wacky funtime reading

Holy Mother of God!

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mr. monkeybottoms
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Blah blah blah blahblitty blahblah.

(I use brushes from jeweledicecream wallpapers and stuff from vero_72, light textures from teh_indy, brushes from echac, and stuff from others found in the wonderful icon community icon_tutorial and 100x100_brushes.

These are great places to get all your icon making supplies, answer your questions and see how to do neat effects.)

I hope I've credited everyone, and if not please feel free to email me and I will happily and speedily credit you as well. So many nice people made such great icon tools for people to use and I'd hate to overlook anyone. I know I have, gosh darn it all!

Get your own code!

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