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BTVS recap 1x06 - The Pack


Well, it's been a craaaaaazy busy week for me. I'm absolutely exhausted and I still have two days of work left :(

My one day off, Sunday, will be filled with so many exotic delights! Such as:

Cooking and baking!


Ever gone to hot yoga? What an ass-kicking 90 minute torture chamber of delights that is. I've been going for just over a month. Seriously, I pay good money for this horrific experience. It's hot. It's humid. It's incredibly difficult. You sweat so much that it look like you fell in the lake. And it stinks in there sometimes. Like, really, really badly. However, yesterday? The cute guy next to me kept accidentally touching his fingertips with mine as we did some awful pose. I don't know the names yet. Flying plane zoom pose or something.

But, here's the bonuses: my terrible balance is slightly less terrible, and my pathetic flexibility is slightly less pathetic. I can touch my toes now! Oh, and the difference in my body in one month is huge. One month! So I guess I'm still going.

Enough about this boring stuff. Let's get onto the good stuff! The newest recap is up for your reading pleasure and it just may be my best work yet. I dunno, I'm still delirious from hot yoga last night. Oh god, my legs are killing me yoooo guyssss.